Disaster Recovery for Business in Cloud

Disaster Recovery for Business in Cloud

Emergencies happen
Environments may go down
Malware and hacking can paralyze business operations
And, one security breach can cost an organization billion

Whether big or small, operating in any part of the world, any business faces many challenges in the form of natural or human-made disasters. This is why it is highly recommended to be prepared for such unprecedented times. And one of the reasons for this preparedness is to maintain business continuity.

When you plan for such disasters, continuing business operations can be as easy as asking your employees to work remotely. To make this happen, you need to move all your data and information to the CLOUD.

As per a survey by Unitrends, “84% of businesses store data or backups in the cloud.” The report also stated that “by 2021, 59% of businesses will utilize cloud-based Disaster Recovery-as-a-Software (DRaaS).”

Well, if you found these statistics rather unsettling, here’s something that can ease your burden – SKYNETCLOUDS.

Skynetclouds is one of the most experienced Cloud Solution Architects, Consultants, and Developers that make your business’s transition to cloud smoother. We strongly encourage on-premises customers to have a Disaster Recovery site in Cloud as active passive mode. This strategy will help to spend less in cloud but will get great benefits. On a daily or weekly we can sync the data from on-premises to the cloud and you need to pay only for the time the cloud resources are on.

Let’s discover how you can avoid business disruption in today’s digital age with Skynetclouds – one of the most experienced Cloud Solution Architects, Consultants, and Developers in this article.

Skynetcloud – Your Trusted Cloud Service Partner

Be it AWS, Google, Azure, or Oracle, Skynetclouds helps you seamlessly step into the cloud. While it empowers your business to access crucial applications from anywhere, it eliminates unnecessary and excessive expenditure on – infrastructure, training & knowledge transfer, and new software accreditation. Moreover, Skynetclouds cloud services ensure business continuity and prevent the organization from suffering substantial damage in disasters. Disaster Recovery (DR) comes as an added benefit of cloud computing solutions by Skynetclouds. And here’s why Skynetclouds can be your trusted cloud service provider.

  1. Plan Your Disaster Site Host and optimize your data and information in the cloud. Explore collaborative capabilities and enhance operational efficiency. Access a range of fault-tolerant solutions and take business computing to the next level.
  2. Make Your Transition Faster Integrate your on-premise apps with cloud services and accelerate your digital transformation. Scale with your business while saving billions.
  3. Ensure Robust Security Avail of advanced IT security and prevent the damage to the organization’s brand name and reputation. Protect your company data from hardware failures, human errors, and natural/human-made disasters.
  4. Let Skynetclouds Manage Your Cloud Get your tailor-made cloud service solution ready with Skynetcloud’s experts. Focus on critical business areas and leave the rest on Skynetclouds.
  5. Pay As You Use Skynetclouds’ Pay As You Use model makes its cloud services pocket-friendly. No long-term contracts and lock-ins. Pay only for what you use.

Summing Up

If you haven’t yet considered cloud as a disaster recovery option, it’s time that you do. Prevent frequent system failures to take a toll on your resources, data, and security. Deploy a disaster recovery plan for your business in the cloud with Skynetclouds! Get in touch with our experts ( and unleash the cloud capabilities you have never thought of.

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