How UAB PARAM LT Is Supporting Small Business Through COVID-19

Over the past six months, the unforeseen and unanticipated lockdown has hit the business world hard, impacting everyone financially and socially. The local, small, and medium businesses are being hit the hardest by the economic fall-out of the pandemic.

What now?

While the world anxiously awaits an effective COVID-19 vaccine, MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises) yearn for a long, uncertain, and arduous journey to recover their businesses.
Can we, as a society, do something to help these businesses sustain?
Well, UAB PARAM LT, a student startup based in Vilnius, came up with a solution.


UAB PARAM LT is a student startup that incepted with one of the associated portals – UniMinion, i.e., University Minion. It started with an aim to creating opportunities for local and small businesses to recover from their financial crisis post-pandemic through their platform, UniMinion. It will help MSMEs increase their reach, ensure business continuity, and avail of a planned and definitive path to success.

How Did The Idea Of UAB PARAM LT Came Up?

We all are well-aware of the devastation that COVID-19 pandemic caused this year. Students who sustained through part-time jobs lost them post-pandemic. Small and local businesses re-opened but were unable to recover from their financial crisis. Besides, the small ecosystem supporting the local communities broke.

Moreover, businesses working on legacy models found it difficult to widen their reach as they have been habituated to work within a local and limited community. Many of them lack knowledge to advertise their business for greater reach.So to help students and especially small businesses to stand up from this crisis, UAB PARAM was found. It will provide a platform where service providers, vendors, and business owners can connect with each other as well as with customers. Furthermore, direct communication with customers will enable businesses to understand them and meet their demands. Thus, they can harness the power of digital technology to expand their network and gain visibility in the market.

How Is Skynetclouds Helping UAB PARAM LT?

As mentioned earlier, UAM PARAM LT will be providing a digital platform to help connect businesses and customers. For this, they need to build this platform. And this is where Skynetclouds comes into the role. With a team of most experienced developers, consultants, and cloud solution architects, Skynetclouds is helping UAB PARAM LT transform their idea into reality by developing a Web and Mobile Application for them. This application will work seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms; thus, enabling everyone to leverage its benefits. The Skynetclouds team is working on it with all their heart and will make it happen within a month.

About Skynetclouds

Headquartered in Thailand, SKYNETCLOUDS has launched 41 projects successfully. If you have an outstanding idea and want us to bring it to life, connect with us. We would be more than happy to be of your assistance.

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